July 06, 2010

sweet things on tuesday:
-honey we processed over the weekend.
-this website: the little pink trailer... tacky old art and crafts and vintage finds!
-writing my goofy children's novel on my laptop under the apple tree today!
-fresh sheets and fresh cotton quilt on the bed
-watching toy story 3 with popcorn and my mom and boy
-listing bunches on ebay. click here to take a little peek!
now....how about some history?
on this day in 1854, the republican party was established.
on this day in 1885, louis pasteur cured rabies.
on this day in 1699, pirate captain william kidd was seized in boston, taken to england and later hanged.
i'll be back tomorrow... i hope you will be, too!


The Smith Family said...

The honey looks so yummy!!!
Sounds like you had a great day today :)

jamie said...

Wow, the honey looks beautiful!