July 05, 2010

the daybook for today, monday july 5th, 2010
outside my window: dusk. soon... fireflies. and a beautiful row of edible orange lilies.
i'm thinking: of the mixed media art projects i'd like to try!
i am thankful for: the window air conditioner, a delightful 4th of july at my mom's, coupons,
from the learning room: tomorrow, we start back to home-school lessons. as per my son's request. it's always fun to homeschool outside at the picnic table.
from the kitchen: the smell of melted chocolate and melted marshmallows stuffed between a tortilla shell... tommie made it... it'll probably be really fattening-- but, i have to eat it and enjoy it, since he concocted it.
i'm wearing: grey shorts and a grey t-shirt... wet hair, no make-up and barefoot. (just out of the shower!)
i'm creating: a punky-looking scarecrow for our garden and a twig-trellis for our pole beans.
i am going: to set up at two farmer's market's this week. back to back. in the county south of us. and i can't wait!!!!!
i am reading: other peoples blogs and steinbeck's east of eden.. which i wonder... will i ever finish it? and a herb book.
i am hoping: for no rain on thursday!
i am hearing: the picker's from the history channel-- wheelin' and dealin'!
around the house: half a glass of iced tea to my right, two dvd's waiting to be watched, brad primping the garden, a pile of blue jeans fresh off the line, that need folded and put away, unread magazines and a dog who is staring at me--- she's ready for bed (she sleeps with us!)
one of my favorite things: sleeping outside in a tent in the summertime, white cotton, the smell of dill, chewing fennel, looking for butterfly larvae, the taste of the first cucumber from my garden, this hot and humid 94* weather.
a few plans for the rest of the week: staying home all day tomorrow and homeschooling and doing lots of domestic projects, farmer's market and enjoying july! and looking at the picture above... i think i should do my roots!
here's a picture thought i'm sharing......


jamie said...

Very nice. It sounds like a good week! It really puts a smile on my face, reading your posts and looking at your fun pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks jamie... it makes me smile when you comment!! mich.