July 25, 2010


saturday night, i had a date in the kitchen with my food processor.
and lots of butter. and freshly picked dill, parsley, scallions and basil.
i made homemade herb butter.

for every 1/4 cup of butter, you add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
if you add basil and wish to keep it fresh looking- you add 2 teaspoons.
then, you pick the herbs you like and add to the butter and lemon juice.
then throw in the herbs. the recipe i used has the exact measurements for herbs...
i didn't follow it. i mean, if you're basil lover like me, you can never have enough!

then like a squirrel getting ready for winter, i stuck them in the downstairs freezer!
i'm sure this will be creamy-luscious on a blistery night with homemade bread and soup!

nothing special about the picture above. i just picked snow peas and raspberries... and well, they looked so quaint in this bowl... i just had to snap a picture.

hope you're enjoying your sunday!
smile, wink, nod

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