July 27, 2010


show time, this saturday night!

i've enjoyed researching and self-educating for the part.
but, i need your help.
i will be mingling with the dinner guests,
all of whom are just there to figure
the mystery out and have a grand time!
i'll need to be in character the entire time.
"a gypsy from london in the year 1912."
help me, won't you?
should i be sneaky and quiet?
loud and obnoxious?
nervous and withdrawn?
what should i talk about?
what questions would you ask me if you were a dinner guest?
i have my outfit already.
but open to any props or suggestions you have!
please, please, please ... leave a comment... even if you never have.
i'd like your two cents.
i'm waiting...............................


Lisa said...

Loud, obnoxious, and sly.

I'll try to think of questions.

jamie said...

I agree. :) I would ask how you came to be there and what your life is like as a gypsy.

Teresa said...

I agree, loud, obnoxious, flamboyant....I'll try to think of questions and comment again.

How fun for you and the guests!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

How FUN!!! I agree with the other ladies-loud and flamboyant! Make sure you take lots of pictures so we can see your outfit!!

Anonymous said...

Aloof and mysterious with a little sneaky thrown in! LOL Ann Case