June 25, 2010

baby crib and the farmers market

hat tip and a hug, to my friend rhonda, for phoning me about this free, yes, exhale, free
shabby chic vintage crib! it weighs
about 200 lbs... slight exaggeration, and let me tell you... it is a beauty!
yesterday, while at a farmer's market.... i used it as a display piece. worked out nicely.
the sides roll down and i had a chenille bedspread on it... where i displayed a stir-fry of shabby chic junk. over 800 people went through the market yesterday. my booth is nestled right between the fudge lady, who is constantly grumpy... which confuses me, since people are lined up to buy bubblegum fudge, orange-creamcicle and peanut butter fudge... would you think she'd put on her happy face for the customers? you'd think i'd be able to win her over... just can't seem to... and on the other side of my booth is, this very free-spirited 20-something produce vendor who is tattooed from neck to ankle- she is very delightful in her bare feet and makes the market very fun.
smile, wink, nod
my niece continues to do well!


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

What an awesome find!! Love it!!!

MICHELE said...

thx friend.

Ceamz said...

love the crib!

jamie said...

Oh, very cool crib! Okay, how can someone surrounded in fudge be grumpy? Doesn't that involve chocolate? Which is SUCH a happy thing. ;) Tattoo girl sounds cute, though. Hope you make lots of sales and have fun!

Lynn said...

Love it!!!

Sam said...

yea that tattoo'd girl is me! thanks Michelle i loved having you at the market! you always had great stuff and were a delight to spend my Thursdays with! :)