May 22, 2010

the hidden diary!

i'm just about wrapping up my latest historical fiction, "the hidden diary of marie antoinette." i can't say it's the best book i've ever read. however, i am pleased with what i've learned about king louis and marie and that wild period of history. much is fiction.. like wise, much is fact, as the author points out. i thought i'd share a handful of facts... that were interesting to me:
1. marie was from austria. her sister became the queen of spain-and she was queen of france.
2. bejamin franklin was adored in france and she spent time with him.
3. that mile-high hair-do? it was so high, she couldn't turn her head or neck for three weeks. it was done special for the coronation.
4. she married louis at age 14. hence the title: teen-queen. louis didn't really want to marry her... it was sort of a political deal between austria and france and repairing their countries friendship.
5. after 7 years of marriage she had her first born front of a packed room of courtiers. --bet that was fun! also... louis had a problem- sexually. he just couldn't-- ummmmm, well, you research that one!
6. she had an on-going affair with a swedish man named axel... who was friends with george washington and fought in the revolutionary war in virginia.
7. the people of france were livid over the way the government was being run. how france's government was falling into "bankruptcy." when she rode through town and villages in her carriage, people would through things and spit on her.
8. king louis and marie and their two children, tried to escape imprisonment, by pretending to be a governess and louis a valet...only to be discovered by the kings former sevant. which sealed the deal for their prison sentence.
9. she and her husband were executed. 9 months apart.
10. she wore purple mules (backless shoes) to her execution.
11. she had been accused of a lot of treason and incest.
here's a really excellent site.... where you can take a virtual tour of versailles, the queen's chambers, the king's tennis courts, the gardens .... and more! worth the click over: take me to france!

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