May 24, 2010

eye candy in my garden!

what good is a drawer full of vintage aprons if you don't use them?
well, that's what i thought to myself, as i was tying one on.
and i found out, that i really do like wearing aprons around
my gardens! especially when they have pockets!
when i'm playing in the dirt.

for eye-candy in the garden this year... i planted a floor lamp in one of my flowerbeds. i picked up the floor lamp at a sale for $1. then marine glued a few goodies in place!
a candle holder, tea cup and an upside down lampshade.

how about you? are you an apron chick?


jamie said...

I should. I have aprons, but can't seem to remember to wear them. I like the idea of wearing them in the garden.

MICHELE said...

jamie... they're really convienient! michele

Mitzi Curi said...

I love your idea of "planting" a lamp base in your garden! I took a similar one and spray painted the whole thing turquoise. I now use it in my bedroom to hang stuff on. It has three "arms" that work great as hooks. Thanks for inspiring me to try new things, Michele! I just might add some lamps to my garden this year!

Anonymous said...

love your lamp, I am going to copy when I find one, and Im sure I will. how cute. Just came home after the rainy day. aj