April 23, 2010

want to know a secret?
someday, i hope to have a retro camping trailer.
someday i will.
and it will be furnished with retro: dishes, curtains, and other decor.
and books. historical fiction.
and it will have an awning. pink striped.
i'll pass on the flamingos.
but, wouldn't mind novelty lights hanging off the awning.
and more books. nature guides. and maryjane magazines.
with a comfy chair with pillows. and matching footstool.
and, you're invited!
for now though... click here and check out this vintage camping trailer fashion show!
smile, wink, nod!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE retro trailers too! I found a 1969 Apache camper once ( buried in the woods) and it would of been a great project!

Thank You so much for the recycled pin cushion- I adore it :)
Janet M

jamie said...

Sounds fabulous! I can picture it. What...no flamingos? ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read the children's book "A camping spree with Mr. MaGee" ~ if not, YOU MUST!!!!! You'll love the retro trailer in it!
Teresa in Texas