April 25, 2010

about the weekend:

rain. pizza with light cheese. tulips blanketing my gardens. rhubarbs ready. set up again at a local flea market. dug up organic mint and white daisy's to sell. sold all of them. played with the ducks. trying to train them to waddle from the milkhouse to the pond. did not intend to work at the newspaper recycling trailer with my son and his boy scout troop. did i mention, i didn't want to? it was required. 2 hours of it. i could of been garage sailing. that was my intent.

this picture was taken at my second dad's house. he's planning on taking us morel mushroom hunting, very soon.

now, it's off to a long, hot shower. warm pajama's. it's damp. and nestle down with mr. emerson's wife novel. it's sort of slow going.

teresa in texas: thanks for the retro-trailer book recommendation. i'll be sure to check into it.
jamie: as always, thanks for the comments. you need to start a blog!

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Mitzi Curi said...

Oooh, do you have a place where you find morel mushrooms? I love them! By the way, I love your sunny yellow wallpaper....it looks great for spring!