April 12, 2010

starting seedlings with paper towel tubes and plastic containers!

last week, i started a few of my seedlings indoors! all winter long, my mom saves and my aunts save and i save plastic containers and paper towel tubes. then, on a cold, blistery night.... while watching t.v., we cut up the tubes, cutting and bending the bottoms up to make an expandable bottom for the root to grow through. obviously, the plastics acts as a greenhouse. when i'm ready to plant... i just stick the whole tube in the ground and it decomposes.
my dill, basil, peas and beans are going crazy! they're ready to be outside. and so am i! smile, wink, nod!

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Mitzi Curi said...

That's a great idea, using the cardboard tubes! I haven't even started my indoor seedlings yet. every year this happens to me!