April 11, 2010

just had to bring a little yellow into my house, yesterday! i dropped several yellow drops of food coloring in the canning jar-make shift vase!

it's been awhile since i've done a meme... i saw this on my friend penny's blog ( diosa domestica located on my sidebar) and thought i'd have some fun:

1. never in my life have i been: drunk, arrested or on illegal drugs.

2. the one person who can drive me nuts is: this man at the flea market i sell at... who walks around playing the harmonica and tambourine.

3. high school was: the worst part of my entire life.

4. when i'm nervous: i can't sit still!

5. the last song i listened to was: lady antebellum: need you now.

6. if i were to get married right now, my maid of honor would be: my cousin cathy or rhonda m.

7. my hair is: not a natural color and is very curly. and i'm trying to let it grow really long!

8. when i was 5: i watched captain kangaroo, played with my mrs. beasley doll, and thought life would always be a picnic.

9. last christmas: i slipped and told my 12 year old, there really wasn't a santa. I THOUGHT HE KNEW! not a pretty scene. i'm sure... a 12 year old boy who can take apart little engines and is a mechanical whiz.... and yet, he never figured out that santa's sleigh wasn't real?

10. i should be: in the shower and holding down the couch and preparing homeschool lessons for the week!

11. when i look down i see: my black cowboy boots

12. the happiest recent event was: celebrating easter at my cousin cathy's house!

13. if i was a character on friends, i would be: phoebe. a ditsy blond who acts like she doesn't know what's going on. or does she?!?!

14. by this time next year i will be: hopefully-finished with my children's novel.

15. my current gripe is: i need more hours in the day. and my sciatic nerve is really giving me trouble.

16. i have a hard time understanding: how email is sent and how the internet works?

17. there's this girl i know that: has more energy then anyone i know! she's my mom!

18. if i won an award, the first person i would tell would be: my husband!

19. take my advice: instead of being right... choose kindness.

20. the thing i want to buy: is a few toby keith c.d.'s... mine are all scratched.

21. if you visited the place i was born: you'd be 2 miles from where i am sitting!

22. i plan to visit: a lot of garage sales this season!

23. if you spent the night at my house: you'd have to sleep on the living room floor, in a sleeping bag. my house is very tiny! but, i'm sure we'd make popcorn!!

24. the world could do without: people who are driven by their egos!

25. most recent thing i bought myself: 2 bags of seed onions, 1 cabbage and a leek.

26. most recent thing someone bought me: two new t-shirts! from my mom on easter.

27. my favorite blond is: me.

28. my favorite brunette is: i have too many to mention... can't just pick one!

29. my favorite red head is: my wonderful nephew alex!

30. my middle name is: renee.

31. in the morning i: make 2 cups of instant coffee and play on the internet before i officially start my day.

32. once at a bar: i met a few of the detroit red wings players. my best friend at the time, was their flight attendant.

33. last night i was: finalizing things for today's flea market.

happy sunday night!


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

#5- I have heard it called the "redneck love song" lol.

#8- I *LOVED* Captain Kangaroo! Mr. Green Jeans was the bomb!

#13- Great minds think alike, eh :)?

#22- I hope to as well!

Have a wonderful week my friend!

jamie said...

You're writing a children's novel? That is so cool!
I really like Lady Antebellum.
Happy Monday to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, red neck love song--I like that!