April 16, 2010

my cousin jimmy!

at least once a month... when the weather is nice, my cousin jimmy (jim as he'd rather be called) pays me and my family a visit. he lives a good hour from us... due south.

in my immediate family, growing up.... there were only four of us cousins... half of us, are above. that said, we have been blessed beyond measure, that the four of us... keep a tight relationship and love each other immensely!

i know, i know... i'm not wearing a helmet. but, i do have the latest copy of country living tucked in the back of my pants! i was headed over to help my neighbor with his garage sale....

i once saw a picture of pamela anderson, riding with her arms extended to each side. so, i thought i'd give it a try! now, i can say i have at least one thing in common with her.

thank you big cousin... (jimmy's 55... see why he's exhausted from me calling him by his childhood name? i am positive he will still be jimmy to me when he's 85.) i always say a prayer of a safe journey home, when you leave my driveway!
love you.


Sue said...

Cousins are the best!

Lisa said...

Well, Pamela is a blonde too. LOL

You are brave for getting on the bike! I haven't done that in years and years.