April 17, 2010

Lucy and The Great White Treasure!

15 year old lucy and and i, went for a brisk walk down our road....
for 15 years (plus), i've been making this jaunt
... have i ever spotted these adorable white wildflowers growing on the side of a shady bank before? no. it was as if i discovered a new treasure!

check out how the stem of the flower grows directly in the cut-out part of a separate leaf!

i tried to figure out what they were. i have two pretty nice wildflower books. but, just can't seem to identify them. do you know? if so, i'd love you to post the name in my comments.


Lisa said...

No idea what the flowers are, but they are pretty!

jamie said...

Those are really pretty. Did you ever find out what they were? Aww, your Lucy is sweet! :)