March 28, 2010

worked at the 4H food concession stand for six hours yesterday; came home smelling like a combination of taco salad and polish sausage. not as delightful as one would imagine. came home and packed up to sell at the flea market today. sales were good; i'm going back in two weeks. i miss church; hoping they add a saturday night service. lemon poppy seed cookies are baking and the smell is luscious! i bought seeds today: white radish, fennel, morning glories and sweet peas. tonight, i'm really looking forward to a hot shower, comfy clothes, a soft couch and even softer pillow, and a good movie.... that's if i can keep my eyelids open! smile, wink, nod.

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jamie said...

Your lemon poppyseed cookies sound yummy! Good going on your sales, too!