March 25, 2010

just for fun...
can you spot the difference in the pictures?
hint: there's just one difference!
this morning finds me with a sick boy, a small migraine- fading quickly thanks to excedrin migraine medicine, a house that smells like potato-leek soup, grey sky's and lesson plans for the classes i teach at tomorrow's homeschool co-op: peter rabbit's world and night at the museum. also, since tommie's sick.... i'll have to prep his rabbit for this weekend's 4H rabbit show... how do you prep a rabbit? okay... but remember you asked..... clip it's toe nails and groom every area of it's body.
i have a couple of ebay auctions closing today... and more closing soon. want to see what's listed.. you'll have to scroll down on the page... okay then... click here!

1 comment:

jamie said...

Oh, I see it! I don't know what kind of bird it is though. I guess I need to be more up on my birds. :-)
I hope that the both of you are feeling much better.