March 22, 2010

last fall, i looked out at my neighbors junk pile (it was days away from being burned) and noticed an old banged up box springs and mattress.... with wire cutters in hand, and my 12 year old who thinks he's a man... we headed through the field and cut up the bed springs. (we had permission, of course.) last week, i spray painted them.... white, maize and lilac.
they're baltimore oriole feeders!
i'll be listing them on etsy, for $10. plus shipping.

i'm not sure of the protocol for selling things on blogger- so i'm hoping this is okay... but if you're interested, contact me: and my blogger friends can purchase them for $7. plus shipping.
smile, wink, nod.


Anonymous said...

I think this is really cute and a conversation piece. I love it.

MICHELE said...

Thanks so much!!

jamie said...

What a cute and original idea!

Karin said...

One gal I know said to me one day,
"use everything twice". Well, you are so resourceful. I loved these when you first got them and made candle holders... now bird feeders. What will you come up with next???