March 12, 2010

best day!

yesterday, was one of the best days i've had in 2010. and, believe me, i've had plenty.

it started like this... my mom mentioned she was going to visit her friend's home, to look at furniture her friend was selling. i knew the location. a very old, affluent, historical area in the city due west of here. heck, i'll admit it... my brad and i have driven through and gawked (yet trying to act really natural) at the mansions and yards of most of these 1920's estates....

yesterday, i invited myself along. wouldn't of you? smile, wink, nod! well then, my son decided he'd invite himself along... click here for details on how this turned out to be a stellar fieldtrip for all of us! did i metion... it took an hour and a half to get through the estate and the grounds? i could of stood and stared at the 1920's greenhouse forever!

(i didn't take my camera... the snap above is from the realtor's ad.)

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