March 11, 2010

10 on thursday

ten on thursday:
-what's on my screen door? big, fat, wet rain drops.
-the birds at my feeder: downy woodpecker and gentle mourning doves. brad and tommie heard the honking and saw the flight of sandhill cranes. spring is soon.
-on my kitchen counter: a half ate loaf of the best strawberry bread you've ever sunk your teeth into! brought back from florida. and i can't find the recipe anywhere on-line!
-perfume i wear everyday: cheap old jovan musk. with the orange lid. drives brad mad!
-what's keeping my hands busy? i have not one... no, not even one craft going. and yes, i am beginning to get craft-withdrawal.
-reading: the boleyn inheritance and cold tangerines and boy by roald dahl as a read aloud to my boy!
- i had tacos for dinner and no clue what i'll have tonight. i'm thinking something in the crock-pot.
-i watched public t.v. last night: dr. wayne dyer. i've been following his work since i've been 14, thanks to my parents: who were fond followers and played, discussed and watched his tapes and videos with me.
-homeschooing: the dust bowl. ironically, we just did a study on woody gutherie, you know... he's considered the poet of the dust bowl and didn't my man- glenn beck discuss him on his show last night? (and thanks to you tube- you can even listen to the originally version of this land is your land or dust bowl blues!)
-my garlic is popping up- the stems are 4 inches high! where's my trident gum?
i know i'm not very good at replying to comments... but, they do make my day and i'm always happy to read them! i love seeing who visits on my sidebar! so, thank you very much for stopping in and checking things out here... i thought about all the southern gals who make this blog part of their day... and thought i'd share a really good coupon for you.... only available in southern states:

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i'm thinking potato-leek soup sounds good!
smile, wink, nod!

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jamie said...

I think that the dust bowl and depression era are interesting to study for history. Can't help but admire the strength people had back then. I love your 10 on fun! Happy Friday!