February 18, 2010

ring-a-ling a-ling!
my mom called me first thing this morning
and told me she had an extra special surprise for me!
she gave me a couple of clues, to tied me over
until she arrived at my thimble-sized home!
she bought it at (drum-roll) salvation army!
this is what it was! my very own radish shirt!
perfect for gardening! perfect condition and color!
i've never seen a radish shirt. never heard of a radish shirt.
never even thought i'd own a radish shirt! but, i do now!
and i love it! and i know this for sure..... if my cousin cathy and my dear
friend rhonda are reading this... they will be green-bean

and what's this? didn't my mom meander through meijers this morning
and pick up two packets of radish seeds to go with the surprise!?!
thanks mom.
thanks again!


jamie said...

Oh, how cool! What a sweet surprise to receive in the middle of winter. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have never in my 70 years seen a radish shirt, and I love it. aj