February 06, 2010

letter Y

how about a few snaps of me when i was younger.... i'm the one on the right- standing next to my cousin sherrie. being on bozo the clown, not once... but twice during my childhood was definitely a privilege in the 1970's!

santa brought me this huge cardboard grocery store. it even had a cash resgister! i remember my favorite thing about playing store was making store announcements like, "there's a kid lost.. if your his mom... come and get him." note: groovy 1970's t.v and drapes behind me.

looks like someone had a hard day of play... note the braids. we all had them. it was the jan brady (brady bunch) trend!

me when i was even younger... with my cousin jeff. both only children, we grew up like brother and sister. still have that bond today. in fact he is the one who introduced me to my husband!
happy, happy saturday night!


Sue said...

Love the pictures. Bozo the Clown...he still scares me.

jamie said...

Aww, cute pictures! Looks like you were having lots of fun and were already creative starting at a young age. Love the lost your child announcements. lol

Lynn said...

Oh, love those old pictures!! You do have Jan Brady braids!

Anonymous said...

Shelly: loved your old pictures, of my baby. oh how fast fime has gone. You are just as pretty or maybe even more. You make life so fun. Tommy will never find a wife that will do all this for every occasion. NEVER love you lots AJ