January 17, 2010

letter K and confession day!

letter K day.
hence the snap of the special k cereal.

i must confess. yesterday, i finally received high-speed internet for the first time in my entire life. yeah... so i've been blogging 2 blogs and ebaying and etsying all with dial-up. and, what is life without you tube? can you even begin to imagine how much fun i'm having?

i had superb customer service from at & t yesterday. the poor repairman was here for four hours.... trying to figure out why our dsl wasn't working. 4 hours. i felt like making him lunch... but i didn't. you know... i didn't want him getting the wrong idea or anything. but, i did give him a handful of homemade peanut butter cookies when he left.

while he was working nearby... i thought i'd tackle cleaning my kitchen cupboards. kitchen... begins with k. you must believe me when i tell you... my cupboards are never, ever this organized. in fact, most of the time...things fall out of them when you open the door... brad really likes it when this happens. smile, wink, nod.
how about you? have you felt like organizing, purging things out and making life real simple?


Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

I so desperately need to simplify, but it is so complicated lol!

Anonymous said...

you gave him cookies!! Something I would do, especially if he was hot heh heh- Janet M

Teresa said...

there's nothing like starting the year with cleaned and organized kitchen cabinets. I spent a couple of days the week between Christmas and New Years doing the same thing. I was a maniac on a mission! I only put back in what a use and made a trip to Goodwill with the rest. Ahh, that felt good! I was also able to clean windows....that alone makes the house seem so much cleaner!

I'm lovin' your ABC... postings!
Teresa in Texas

jamie said...

Very nice! It motivates me to straighten up in my kitchen!

Anonymous said...

This is such a great time to purge and organize. We are going through closets, cabinets and rooms. Have even sold some furniture to make our space feel spacier and less cluttered. It feels SO good and is addictive. I keep looking around to see what else I don't need. For me, clutter is visual noise!!!

Lisa in NW Arkansas