January 15, 2010

J today!

letter j today. a january-type meme that i made up, because i have nothing pertaining to j happening in my life. just so you know.
j- we're having a bit of sloppy january thaw this weekend. remember those ice wreath's in the previous post? gone. melted.. all that's left of them is string blowing in the wind~
a- amaryllis. i bought my mom a cheap amaryllis at meijers, during the christmas season. the kind you force. i bought one for me, too. mine didn't grow. her's did. so she and i are sharing it. it's been at her house for a few weeks. now she gave it to me to enjoy. nice mom, ugh?
n- no business being on this laptop. i really should be getting around for our homeschool co-op today... but, i work excellent under pressure.
u- under the melted snow... i see evidence of the garlic which i planted in the late fall. green stems about 4 inches long. fresh garlic anyone?
a- i have the best aunts in the whole world! seriously. not a cliche'. my aunt janet and aunt joyce are spectacular role models. they both are loaded with personality, spunk, creativity, kindness, love, and are more hip them me. one aunt, age 74 speeds around in her low-rider bell bottom jeans with bling belt in her pt cruiser and mardi gras beads hanging from her rear view mirror and the other who is 70 recently took a job as a museum curator (she had no previous experience)... and works part time at a hardware... to fill her time. she doesn't need the money... just loves to be social and have a purpose. love these ladies with all my heart!
r- robyn. please keep my good friend robyn and her mom in your prayers. God knows their needs.
y- yowza... i need to wrap this entry up.... i'll be late for my very important date.... homeschool co-op. i don't want to get fired!

for christmas, one of the gifts i gave my mom and her husband was, one complete home cooked meal per month. the other day, mom stopped by to pick this "carry out" bag up from me. it was chicken stir-fry and rice, fresh salads with homegrown sprouts, pineapple and after dinner mints. i had the best fun making it for them.


Anonymous said...

What a good kid you are, your Mom will love her dinner once a month. My key to staying happy is just doing what i LOVE. AND pEOPLE IS WHERE IT IS AT. YOUR SO KIND TO YOUR OLD AUNT. I LOVE YOU. AUNT JANET

Anonymous said...

I really love the meal idea, what a blessing.. and your aunts sound like a riot..Janet M