January 03, 2010


i had a blast last summer.... i believe it was in june... creating an abc blog for that month.
i enjoyed the challenge of coming up with digital snaps and ideas centered around "the letter of the day!"
you probably know where i'm going with this, right?
right! i'm doing it again for the month of january. if you have a blog... you should give it a try! it's so much fun! let me know if you do... so i can visit you!

a is for cheap arrangement and audubon encyclopedias! i found a set of free john james audubon nature encyclopedias at the library free rack. how cool is that? even if you're not into nature, the drawings inside are spectacular! and, could be framed if one wanted to dissect the pages.

i also slid a short table behind our couch and spiffed it up with thrift store dishes. most were .29 cents or less .... except for the hull tea pot, which i picked up for $3.99 at goodwill, some time ago. it's amazing it's still in mint condition... considering the air soft bullets that fly over top... from tommie and brad. holding my breath.

the round bowl on top of the encyclopedias, held apples... which have been gobbled up and now sits sadly empty.

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Mitzi Curi said...

Happy New Year, my Michigan friend! I like your ABC idea, as well as your Mod Podge bookmarks and other craft ideas. You're off to a good start this year, I must say!