December 06, 2009

whew! where's my second cup of coffee?
i'm recuperating from working at the cowboy christmas show at the michigan state university pavillion (lansing).. happened yesterday. there were 150 horses, at least that many equestrian riders (btw, i never tire of their riding attire) 6,000 rabbits and a non-stop flow of people all who seem unaffected by the michigan economy. i worked for my cousin robin at her seriously bling-driven booth: cowgirlz clozet. she generously let me bring some shabby chic cowgirl merchandise and let me capitalize on her watch and in her space. nice, ugh? while, i was far from being as lucrative as she... i still enjoyed the extra income. plus, i adore working in the public and networking!
oh, and the fact that tommie had entered and showed his rabbit in the american breeders shows, kept him busy... (6,000 rabbits can you say smelly?) he didn't place very well.. something about the rabbit's loins being to low. he enjoyed his independence for the day and helping out where needed within the association. plus, the $20. i gave him for the junk food snack bar, was the cream on top! imagine that!
things on my to-do list today: church: today's theme, "the nightmare before christmas," i can't imagine what our pastor has in store for us, but i'm sure it will be thought provoking and i'll end up giving the sermon a nod! then...snowman crafts at my mother-in-law's house afterwards!
now, time to close the lid on this laptop, fix another cup of coffee, pull myself together so i look human and head to church.
see you soon!
smile, wink, nod!

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Mitzi Curi said...

Michele, I wanted to visit the Pavilion at MSU but Saturday was the Antiques Market of Williamston's Christmas open house (a huge success, strong sales and many happy customers). I had to be there for their festivities, then got tied up with other family stuff on Sunday. Anyhoo, I'm sure we'll get together one of these days to compare notes. I'm glad the Pavilion show had strong sales as well. Let's kick this recession!