December 04, 2009

time saver!

time saver: my son loves pancakes in the morning. with chocolate chips. i know, i know, the picture looks like i dumped a lot of chocolate in those containers... but each container is for a two day serving. each container is labeled, "just add one cup of water." and viola'... everything is pre-measured and efficient. and, my son can fend for himself. easy-peasy.
i just finished up the book, "plain language," about the dirty 30's and the hardship of life during that era. this book was phenomenal. every single chapter was exciting and fresh and suspenseful and unpredictable. if you like the simple life... the way things used to be. this is the book for you. loved it, loved it, loved it!


jamie said...

Great idea on the pancake mixes! That would make for a cute Christmas gift idea too. :-)

MICHELE said...

actually, it would make a great christmas gift, jamie... thanks for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I need a good book to read, so I've got this one on a request for hold at our library... :-)

Teresa in Texas

MICHELE said...

oh good teresa... lmk, if your library can't get it and i'll be happy to mail it out to you to borrow! michele