December 20, 2009

a look back at my busy weekend:
friday: helped my mom prep for our family christmas. 20 people. made twice baked potatoes, wrapped gifts, rearranged furniture and set up tables with green linens and centerpieces. friday night: rented and watched the christmas comedy four christmas's with vince vaughn and reece weatherspoon. i loved it.
saturday: finished up last minute details for the party. organized a christmas type trivia game for everyone. our menu was cranberry baked chicken and stuffed baked potatoes. thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone! my little cousin aaron didn't come... he's snowed in... in new york university film school! i sure wish michigan would get a blizzard! i'm ready and waiting.
sunday: went to church... today's sermon was a humble christmas. very good and a more traditional service-- except for the version of the rock and roll drummer boy song. first time i ever saw people dancing to drummer boy. spent the afternoon doing the basics... organizing the house, laundry and other house-wifey stuff. was thankful mom sent home left-overs, so i didn't need to cook! waiting for "the nativity" to come on t.v. at 9.


jamie said...

Happy Christmas, Michele...hope you get your snow!

MICHELE said...

Merry Christmas to you, too Jamie!