December 21, 2009

a backwards post....

whoops. i downloaded my snaps backwards. that means i'll have to tell the story of this blog entry in reverse.
above: this is the finished product! i plan to sew the buttons on tonight, after i shut the lid to this laptop!

above: the bag, when finished was about 26 inches by 20 inches... enough to stuff a lot of canning rags in!

above: i just turned the fabric inside out and sewed a basic straight stitch!

last fall, i scooped up this ugly patchwork unfinished chunk of sewn quilt squares. it was in the free box at a garage sale. after washing it and looking at and looking at it again... wondering what i could do with it... i realized it would make an adorable homemade bag to hold my canning towels and pot holders. i know our end of the summer harvest is months away... but, the stack of shabby towels and stained potholders are sitting on my pantry shelf, disheavled and unorganized... and well, don't you think they'll look much better stuffed in this bag on the shelf? me, too.

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