December 02, 2009

couch sweater and apron decorating!

in one little corner of my little house, i have a little christmas tree on a little plant stand.
at a recent estate sale, i found a very vintage christmas apron, complete with turkey grease stain or something equivalent for a dime.... i've already tied it on my waist, while making thanksgiving pies and will use throughout the season...
but gosh, it's way to cute to fold up and stick in the drawer. so, i thought, why not tie it around the little plant stand? so i did. and it's so cozy-cute! and it likes it's new home!

do you have a couch sweater? the kind you pull on when you don't have anywhere to go or when you're snowed in or when you just want to honker down with a good book on a blustery day? i didn't before... but i do now! i found this meaty sweater from the limited, pure wool, at goodwill for $3.29. i'm saving it for the first snowy day.. when i can pull on leggings and legwarmers and just flop.

now... i'm off to my very neglected homeschool blog to update it. see you tomorrow!

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