November 30, 2009

the simple woman's daybook!

the simple woman's day book for november 30th
outside my window: it's dark and i see flickers of christmas lights bouncing off our windows!
i am thinking: how king henry the first died in the 12th century of eating too many lamprey's.
i am thankful for: a full pantry and full freezer of really good food. and i'm thankful for my furnace. i'm thankful my husband likes it's toasty warm and cozy.
i am wearing: jeans, red sparkle tee shirt and black rhinestone zipper sweatshirt.
i am remembering: how much my dad loved christmas time and all the fun we had working together during the holidays.
i am going: to lansing this weekend and to a christmas tea tomorrow night!
i am currently reading: (still) plain language
i am hoping: to get a burst of wild energy very soon. can you say pms meets menopause?
on my mind: tons of things swirling around... politics, christmas recipes, crafts, tiger woods, christmas shopping!
from the learning room: light homeschooling today after 4 days off of non-stop fun. today, one of the things we did; watched a 30 minute movie about the great fires of yellowstone national park.
noticing that: that my roots need done desperately!
pondering these words: as told from our pastor to the congregation right after paul simon's "you and me in paradise," song was played ..."to be the sparkle in someone's eye."
from the kitchen: a new big bag of honey roasted almonds! two bags of fresh apples and a free box of duncan hines brownie mix!
around the house: christmas movie playing on abc family t.v. station, christmas lights everywhere, christmas decoration clutter, dog whining to go out for the fourth time tonight, table loaded full of homeschool books, and general clutter.
one of my favorite things: maple candy from the bulk food section at the grocery store!

i made a couple of baby bibs to resell at my cousin's craft show. they're made from a recyled skirt and a chenille bedspread!

below: a new pampered chef pink knife i picked up for .19 cents at goodwill.

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jamie said...

Your home sounds so festive and those little bibs are just sweet! Have fun at the tea party and have a safe trip to Lansing!