November 22, 2009

yesterday, i was invited to work for my cousin robin. she sells amazingly serious bling jewelry and accessories! her company is called, cowgirlz closet... which will be launching it's website in early 2010. watch here for details....

yesterday, was her christmas open house. above: these are just a couple of tables of her inventory....she has tons of it!

in december, we'll be packing up and hitting the road in lansing for a couple of cowboy christmas weekend shows...

she graciously let me set my own shabby chic table up... so i could flip a few retro housewifey type items... how nice is that?

above and below: she makes a lot of her own cowgirl jewelry... exclusively chick-a-dee lee brand.

we had a super day together... and i look forward to pulling on my cowboy boots and turquoise and doing it all over again, in a few weeks! smile, wink, nod.

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Lia said...

I am wearing one of her necklaces right now!

i am also searching for Cowgirl Closet on google and this blog came up. do you have any information on a website, store location or phone number for her wonderful business?

Thank you so much,