November 19, 2009

thursday again? then it must be time for thursday 13! here are 13 things that i've done today or plan to do be for i slither under my soft blankets and slip into the land of nod:
1. homeschooled my babe. or should i say tutored? did you know the mayflower ship landed in cape cod on this very day in 1620? it did. and not only that, but... it was a wine ship. also, today... we learned abraham lincoln's gettysburg address was given in the gettysburg cemetery.... it was only 2 minutes long.
2. visited with my cousin robin. and organized some things to take to her show. also, discussed future shows and projects.
3. made white chicken chili in the crockpot... last night i made homemade pizza... the menu's switched.
4. watching my ebay auctions come to a close...
5. walked through goodwill and found three adorable shirts for me and one skirt. in fact, i should take a snap and show you. also found a vintage salt shaker for cheap!
6. oh my gosh, i found the sweetest blog! it's mitzi's collectibles and if you scroll down she has some pretty amazing crafts!! click HERE!
7. i had to dash down to the dollar tree and pick up a few supplies for the homeschool co-op class i'm teaching. while i was there, i found double sided scotch tape! now, that's exciting.
8. went to office depot to make copies for tomorrow... why do i have such a hard time running a copy machine? i feel like such an idiot. this blond brain is intimidated by all the buttons and humming.
9. i plan to decoupage a clipboard tonight. and a vintage zippered dryer case... remember when hair dryers used to come in cases? i found one at a garage sale for pennies... and thought i get creative with it.
10. i'm loving the western historical novel, "plain language" and look forward so much, to the end of the day when i can escape to the 1930's.
11. i need to organize some supplies for the textured art/rag hooking class i'm taking tomorrow afternoon. my mom is teaching it and it should be fun.
12. have you seen this site? oh my gosh! you've just gotta head over there... and i just gotta add her to my sidebar. click here!!
13. now, with my teeny-tiny home smelling like cumin, garlic and onions... i need to go and throw a quick beer bread in the oven... so my boys and i can eat.

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