November 18, 2009

getting down and dirty!

getting down and dirty in this nice november weather in michigan! here's a snap of yours truly planting handfuls of antique pink hollyhock seeds. i planted them in a big old row along our barn. i've always loved the look of hollyhocks standing in a parade of bloom along old barns! now, i hope to have my own display!

i also got the knees of my blue jeans dirty, while planting garlic and egyptian onion seeds. i popped the seeds and cloves in each slot of this recycled horse window (above). i am hoping, in the spring, when they begin to show growth, i can just slip this screen off and i'll have "martha stewart perfect" rows!

i also re-did our little bird and squirrel feeding habitat. freshened it up with dried sunflower heads, fresh-dead branches (oxy-moron) and dead asparagus sprigs, which provide a soft and light protection. well, i think it does, anyway.
today calls for rain. i'm planning on making chicken tortellini soup in the crock pot and homemade bread.
penny and robin... thanks so much for the blog award! i appreciate it and i enjoy your blogs as well. you can find robin's blog, pardon my dust and penny's diosa domestica on my sidebar!


jamie said...

That will be so nice to look forward to come spring! Also, I wanted to tell you that I tried out that soup recipe and my family loved it. So thank you again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Loved you xmas gifts, that had to be fun. and would make you feel real good in side. AJ

Mitzi Curi said...

My favorite flower of all time is the hollyhock, but I'm not much of a gardener and this year my hollyhocks didn't show up. I never knew you could plant seeds in the fall. Is this something I should be doing?