November 05, 2009

old bed springs:

our family is on wonderful terms with our next door neighbor. who, happened to have a big junk pile he was planning on burning this fall. things from long, long ago. things stored in his barns for like 40 years. so, i said... "ya mind if my boy and i come over before you burn the junk and scrounge through it?" of course, he didn't care... and got a kick out of "why we wanted to rummage through it?" he doesn't have a clue of my frugal, shabby chic personality, now does he?

so i said to my boy... "boy, fire up your lawnmower...we're gonna sift through some junk!"... boy jumped on his lawnmower (he drives it everywhere... he pretends it's a semi... but he doesn't know, i know that he imagines it's something bigger then what it really is.) and we meandered over to the junk pile in the big field.

so, imagine how giddy i was when i spotted this old, rusted out bedspring... i have been wanting something like this since spring. "get a rope and let's drag her home!" i said to the boy. he did. i don't remember walking home... i think i walked on air... yes, that's how happy i was! the boy and i took wire cutters and starting cutting up the rusty springs. yes, i was cut several times... and still haven't got lock-jaw. now... i bet you're just-a-wondering what old smile, wink, nod is going to do with this treasure? i will reveal it to the smile, wink, nod world... tonight! so check back here! it is so utterly awesome, that i have a strong inclination.... you'll be rapping on your neighbors door asking for old, rusted bed springs. betcha will.

the dog went with us to the junk pile, too. she turns 15 years old at the end of this month. my sweet lucy.

* teresa in texas: thank you so much for the wine recipes. i will for sure be making them and blogging about them!

*becky... yes, i have seen the garden wine bottle trees. in fact, i saw them in an upscale-downtown city... birmingham, michigan. but, thanks for reminding me. i'm going to google how to make them... and plan to make one for spring!


jamie said...

I for one, am looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with the bed springs...probably something really neat! Oh, I love your dog. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the bottle trees made two ways. One with rebar poked used as stems. The other with a 4X4 then slanted holes drilled and dowel rods used to make the stems for the bottles.


Mitzi Curi said...

I'm a true blue dog-lover. Your Lucy is so adorable! She looks pretty comfortable on that mower, as if she's going to take off as soon as she's done posing for the pic!