November 05, 2009

bedsprings and teddy roosevelt

i made a candle holder out of my neighbor's bed springs! well, only one candle holder so far... but i have many more to do! in fact, a 5-gallon bucketful of these babies! i'll either be selling them at upcoming boutique shows or giving them as gifts. i used an apple for a stabilizer, since i didn't have a candle exactly the right size! i tried a tapered candle... but it was too bouncy and i didn't trust it.
another plan? this spring, when our orioles come back and IF i don't sell them all... i will be sitting these all over the patio with orange slices on them. or hanging them from our trees... filled with a jelly jar full of grape jelly!
p.s. i just used a light weight wire and strung some junk beads i had in my craft box.
now, it's off to tie up a few loose ends for a homeschool class i'm teaching in the morning. we're making teddy roosevelt board games and i have to cut up game cards. lots and lots of them...did you know he was the first president to ride in a submarine? now you do. smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

Wow, that is cool! The beads really dress it up...I bet they'll be a big seller.

Karin said...

Neat Idea !!!
Did you see on Econo busters the trellis she made from an old wooden box spring??? Another great idea.

Also, it just so happens we are reading about Teddy today. Did you find your game on line or did you create a game of your own? I did a quick search and didn't pull up anything.

Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful thoughts and projects. It inspires me.

~Byn There said...

Have you seen this month's Family Fun magazine? It has some cute felting projects. A scrungee is one of them, too cute!