November 14, 2009

just a dime, a new book and a close call!

today, i found this collection of really vintage, shabby chic, banged up pot holders at an estate sale. they were a dime each. oh, how i love them. i wish they could talk to me and give me some good old fashioned recipes!

i felt quite like magpie ethel today.. you can find her fantastic blog on my sidebar. she is wild about estate sales and finds some really unique things.

last night, i started an awesome new historical fiction! it's called, plain language. it's about the dirty 30's and the depression. i know so very little about the dust bowl and that historical era. it is just a feel good book!

prayers work. my mom is traveling home from vermont today. she went with friends on a bus trip to a primitive rug hooking school. late this afternoon, i had this strange feeling that i should say a quick prayer for her safe travel home. just had this feeling. an hour later she called and said the bus they were traveling in blew out a front tire... when that happens, the driver looses control, which happened. a pick up was nearby and "almost" got it. all are fine... the bus stopped at a local tim hortons and they're waiting for the tire to be fixed. exhale.

have a happy saturday night, and i'll see you tomorrow. smile, wink, nod.

p.s. family movie tonight: the wizard of oz.


Anonymous said...

wow sounds like that must have been scary. see you tomorrow

laurie -magpie ethel said...

First off, glad your mom is okay - that prayer was answered!
Second - score on those pot holders! And I love that they were a dime!!!! Good job!