November 13, 2009

feeling mellow-yellow!
here's a snap of a few yellow goodies i've received this week!
either free or just about. from left to right:
vintage orange juice pitcher from goodwill: .99 cents
yellow vintage car plant holder from goodwill 1/2 price: .20 cents
old & luscious yellow planter with age cracks, it's pentagon shaped: free from my brother-in-law! love it.
free yellow linen napkin from my brother-in-law!
free huggie's diaper for my friend brandi's new daughter
free six-pack (or is it five) of nescafe coffee sampler
free nice size box of honey nut cheerios
now, time to play friday fill-in:
(my answers are in organish)
plans and schedules are a difficult thing for me. it limits my creative freedom. i detest limits.
i am happy when i'm with my immediate family, reading a really good book, and when i'm thrift store shopping!
the last thing i drank was ice water with our leftover dinner.
one of the most valuable things in my life is my health.
i like everything on my pizza!
dear november, you're sure moving along quickly!
and as for the weekend, tonight my plans include; fiber art/rug hooking on my chair cushion, watching the family movie, napoleon, and a good restful night!
tomorrow my plans are, making up some homemade hand's on homeschool games and scrapbooking and sunday i plan to go to my quirky church (did i tell you the band played rod stewart and paul simon?), come home and who knows?, then go back to church and help organize and christmas wrap the samartian purses/shoe boxes for children in third world countries and stay for worship service.
have a happy friday night and i'll see you tomorrow!
smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

I can relate about not liking plans and schedules. It truly can be limiting. Have fun at your church tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Shell I can know leave a comment.

See you in church tomorrow. Like to read your comments. You are just so REAL AJO