November 01, 2009

i'm just 30 pages exactly, from finishing this book by Kaye Gibbons, A Virtuous Woman. odd, yes. unlike anything i've ever read. in all honestly, i'm waiting to "get it"... you know, that part in the book where you say... ah-ha! clever. or so that's the author's intent! i'm not there yet... i'm sure the climax is right around the corner.
so, what book is in your hands?


jamie said...

I am getting ready to start Limelight by Melody Carlson and have another by her called The Christmas Dog that I just picked up from the library. She is one of my most favorite authors.
Hope your Sunday afternoon is filled with blessings! Like your new background!

Diosa Del Desierto Corazon said...

M.C. Beaton's Hamish MacBeth series "Death Of A Witch" and "Death Of A Gentleman"...Laura Child's Tea Shop Mysteries "Oolong Dead"...Kerry Greenwood's Corinna Chapman Mystery "Trick or Treat". I can never read only one book at a time and am quite the freak for mysteries :).


MICHELE said...

Thanks Jamie... Happy Sunday to you, too.

I just made a good trip to our library and picked up The Future Homemakers of America....