October 29, 2009

easy and cheap christmas gift....

i just finished making this organizer. it's actually a gift for my cousin, for christmas. she is so quirky and fun... i know she'll adore this. she can use it as a storage bin for magazines or in her closet... or as an organizer in the back of her car!

i picked up some vintage record albums at goodwill. .25 cents each. i knew what i'd be doing with them, so i looked for "theme" albums. i bought five of them. four sides and a bottom. then tonight after dinner, while brad was watching fox news (is there any other?) i marked off one inch dots and brad paper punched them for me.

this is a snap, looking down inside.

i used heavy orange rope type twine, to reinforce the sides and bottom.... i went over it twice. just to be sure it was good and strong.

the project took me about an hour and a half... and happy me, i have one fun box to fill for my cousin for christmas! i am sort of itching to get back to goodwill and look for more that i can whip up! smile, wink, nod.


jamie said...

That is a great Christmas idea...nice change from your typical basket. Very creative thinking.:-)

Anonymous said...

wow thats neat!-Janet M

Christmas Elf said...

I love the creativity and retro feel of this gift! I will have to add it to my list of great cheap Christmas gift ideas! Thanks so much for sharing :)