October 11, 2009

the other day... i said to myself, "why don't you try the homemade farmhouse cracker recipe in the new maryjanes farm magazine?" never in my wildest, did i ever consider making and baking crackers. but, since i had all of the ingredients and nothing to serve with my homemade vegetable minestrone soup... i thought i'd give it a try. two words: very easy! and, my son loved them. my husband is used to the commercial kind, but he munched a few to be kind. i hope you don't mind... i'm not typing out the recipe, because i'm too comfy in my living room chair to get up and go get the magazine to copy... instead click here- this nice blogger has done my work for me. (note: i used wholewheat flour and olive oil).

i've found a couple of really nice recipe blogs!
freezer recipes, crockpot recipes and more!

  • not a recipe site... but get this, every monday they have a new printable christmas pattern for you to print off! fun!

happy sunday night.

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Lynn said...

Dear Michele,

I enjoy her magazine too. I've never tried a recipe yet. Maybe soon. They look really good! My husband politely tries things like that too. LOL.