October 12, 2009

my own made-up meme on monday!

"my own made-up meme on monday"
what i'm wearing: bluejeans, brad's sweatshirt inside out, a bath towel wrapped around my neck, hair color on my head waiting to be washed out.
the last thing i ate: popcorn made with olive oil
when i look right i see: empty popcorn bowls, ice water, redbox dvd, tasha tudor old fashioned christmas gifts on loan from the library.
when i look left i see: a stack of clothes i should be listing on ebay: victoria's secret, nick and nora and sigrid olsen.
my least favorite thing i did today: dishes!
my favorite thing i did today: read chapter three in "the 21 balloons," our homeschool unit study! it's a very roald dahl type novel... which we love! quirky!
what i think about obama's nobel peace prize: i'm just glad he decided to donate the 1.4 million. and how come nancy palosi didn't qualify?
favorite latest quote: from mother teresa, "peace starts with a smile."
something i learned today: that the first hot air balloon was launched in france... and a duck, chicken and sheep were the first passengers.
pet peeve: when my car is dirty on the inside.
favorite beatles song: when i'm 64..... will you still need me?
something i cannot tolerate: leaving home without my sunglasses, wasting valuable time, and lazy mornings.
that said.... it's time to wash my hair color of my head before it turns green, take a hot shower and watch our redbox movie, "marley and me."
(note: picture above is a pumpkin tea bread, which i made for the family. yes, it was as good as it looks! smile, wink, nod.)


Lisa said...

I'm glad you do your own hair. Me too! I'm glad you do your own memes too! LOL

~Byn There said...

Takes a bold woman to admit it! And, I'm stealing your meme. ;-D

Anonymous said...

Marley and Me will make you BAWL your eyes out if you are a dog lover--Janet M