September 22, 2009

recycled junk!

my neighbor, my good neighbor was cleaning and revamping his old horse barn. his hired men have been throwing junk in a big burn pile in the field between us. being the thrifty, dumpster diver i am.... my big blue eyes spotted these ventilated window frames! i knew they'd be shabby-chic perfect as trellis' in my garden. perfect for the late crop of snow peas and purple beans that are tendrilling. vocabulary homeschool word of the day: tendril. the windows were used in the barn that housed race horses! just think... race horses used to look out these windows.
i'm not horse savvy... but i do know the horses use to race in kentucky somewhere. i should find out the breed... it would just be nice to know. the window frames should winterize pretty easy, too. we'll slide them right into our barn!

and the windows, live on! smile, wink, nod!

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