September 21, 2009

bathroom organizing!

organizing in the bathroom for under $10.

my bathroom closet is usually a disaster. with three of us and one bathroom.... things get tossed, shoved, mixed up and scattered about.

so i realized that i have a lot of unused dishes and containers sitting on cupboard shelves.... not doing anything. just waiting to be used... and so i am. using them, that is. like this fishbowl above... it is a really handy container for band-aids!

and, for a nickle and a dime.... i found these two little dishes for q-tips and clippers and tweezers! i feel so liberated not having the blue q-tip box staring at me every time i put towels away in the bathroom closet.

a couple of creamers or gravy boats are containers for make-up brushes and various size combs. the dishes were scooped up at a garage sale this past summer. i don't recall how much i paid for them... but, i'm pretty cheap so i think under .50 cents each!

my friend lisa w., (her blog is in my sidebar: cornerstone home schooling), gave me this pink platter! it holds my favorite hair combs and clips! the chinese-style chop stick is a real true ivory frog. peta, hold your tomatoes ... i received it back in the early 80's...before ivory was outlawed!

and my very favorite summer yard sale treasure.... this little shabby chic cupboard, i picked up for $5. it holds toilet paper. the wire basket on top is useless. found that too, at a yard sale.. it sits empty. but, sometimes less is more when it comes to making a statement... right? right? right? smile, wink, nod.


Michele said...

Great ideas! I collect pink depression glass and have started using pieces of it. I love it so much and it sits in my hutch. I decided I might as well enjoy it and not just clean it once a year!

Lisa said...

Less is more, definitely. At least sometimes. Love how you are using the platter and your sense of whimsy!

~Byn There said...

Useless wire bowl, nonsense, it's just crying out for some big dried flowers! Sorry I didn't get by there last Thursday, I gave a friend a ride home after the luncheon and after talking with her I had to hustle back to NB for afterschool pick ups. But, hey, at least I had time to talk without the boys whinning, moaning, sighing, and bugging me to leave. :)

Anonymous said...

you could put rolls of toilet paper in the basket- Janet M

jamie said...

Really cute ideas! Your home seems so charming with all the nice little touches.