August 26, 2009

vintage serving pieces and a turkey egg!

during the summer, i've collected a variety of antique serving utensils, from estate sales and shabby chic sales. my out of pocket cost for these was $4.00. They needed a little cleaning up... so, i boiled them in a baking soda paste with water and steamed them! then, i sat tommie down to polish. except for a couple of the reallllllly old spoons, all came out shiny and a bit too nice looking! i loved not using harsh chemicals to bring back the beauty. i also wonder where they all came from and who owned them?
note: the turkey egg in the picture. i just put it in there for fun!
today look's like i'll:
-enjoy the rainy day
-burn a peach scented candle
-make more applesauce and can it
-can more pizza sauce
-work on homeschool lesson plans
-take tommie to the military shop... his $5. is burning a hole in his pocket!
-dehydrate and make zucchini chips sprinkled with chili powder
-work on my hand-hooked purse
-start a new novel... which one? i'm just not sure.
-by the way... i'm really trying respond to your comments... so if you've left any... click on my comment button and read the follow-up's.
-will post jamie's blueberry bread recipe soon!
i'd love to here something creative and fun that you have planned for today! comments welcome. smile, wink, nod!


The Missus said...

Hello! I get a lot of creative inspiration from your blog- not to mention some great recipes and money saving tips. Thanks so much for sharing!

As for something creative and fun that I have planned for today- working on making "Brandie's Book" from Amanda Blake Soule's book- Handmade Home. It's basically a notebook artistically and thoughtfully composed of various papers, magazine pages, junk mail, etc. They're going to be a surprise for my daughters.

jamie said...

The silver is beautiful...I just love your pictures!
Actually, I think the blueberry bread is from Teresa in Texas. It looks delicious!
My creative thing for today will be canning pesto and homemeade ketchup.
Have a very blessed day! :)