August 27, 2009

shabby chic refrigerator magnets!

i had a blast all by myself today... making homemade shabby chic refrigerator magnets. recycled at that!

find a piece of newspaper. i chose a page from brad's farm journal newspaper, all because i didn't want to use anything depressing from the regular everyday newspaper. nor did i want edward kennedy or michael jackson, or hurricane danny on my fridge....

next... saturate the newspaper with your favorite acrylic paints (i watered mine down a bit)... and then sprinkled gold glitter all over the paint... then waited for the paint to dry.

i cut out randomly shaped flowers of different sizes, then wadded them up and unfolded them... next i took needle and embroidery floss (hot pink) and sewed a vintage button to the center of each! i attached a magnet (from the craft store) to the back of each flower.....

then the best part... hanging them on the refrigerator! i loved doing this little project. i think the flowers would be an adorable "bow" on a plain brown paper gift bag! smile, wink, nod!
p.s. this morning i was dehydrating more zucchini chips... i plugged in the dehydrator... left it on the back porch, so i didn't have to deal with the fan running on it all day. i went back and the motor was burning up.... leaving the entire back porch filled with smoke and a dreadful toxic smell. i quickly unplugged it and threw it out the back door! i'm thankful i listened to my inner voice last night... i almost plugged it in while we were sleeping and my gut instinct said..."nah, you better not." thank's be to God.


jamie said...

SO glad you listened to that still small voice! Love the's fun to see what all you're making.

Mod Podge Amy said...

SO cute! I absolutely am inspired to make those :D

MICHELE said...

thanks jamie and amy!

have a nice friday... what's left.