July 27, 2009

the simple woman's day book!
outside my window: dusk, overcast, herbs that need to be used.
i'm thinking: about making freezer vegetable broth, what sarah palin's next move will be?
from the learning room: piles of living books, co-op plans and lesson plans
i am thankful for: kroger's sales and computer coupons!
from the kitchen: garden vegetables blanched and ready to be put into glad freezer bags... labeled: mixed vegetables and soup vegetables.
i am wearing: olive green t-shirt, camo pants, ponytail, dangle black earrings and bare feet. red toe nail polish and faded make-up.
i am reading: still reading the other boylen girl... such a long book!
i am hoping: to get my creative juices flowing again and that tommie does well at his 4H competition.
i am creating: lesson plans and a shabby chic hooked rug using tee shirts, wool and ribbon.
i am praying: that my garden soon gets a growth spurt and provides us with a freezer full of vegetables for winter.
around the house: tommie slurping on a homemade lemonade slushy, brad watching some type of cowboy movie... yelling "quit slurping or go in the other room!", a stack of coupons that need cut and filed, a homemade dish of brownies.
one of my favorite things: hunting for rocks and sea glass on the shores of lake michigan
a few plans for the rest of the week: listing things on ebay, lesson plans, 4H meeting, barn-set up, grocery-getting.
here's a picture thought i'm sharing with you: i found this frog at boy scout camp last week. wonder what he's smiling about?

i posted two new freebie's over at my twisted education blog.... find the link on the right side of your screen.... on my sidebar. smile, wink, nod.

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Holly said...

OK so that frog is too funny! I was talking to Mike N last night and we both agree it's not the same without you :(