July 29, 2009


okay, this is my kind of preserving. yesterday i made vegetable broth. how easy is this? you just pick odds and ends of any vegetable imaginable... anything works. including celery tops and carrot tops, swiss chard and onion tops. wash them and put them in a soup pot. fill the pot with one-gallon of water... add any herbs and salts that you'd like... bring to boil. stir occasionally. reduce heat and simmer for an hour. let cool. strain out the vegetables and herbs and throw them to the pigs... or your compost bin... pack the broth into canning jars and freeze for up to 6 months. no need to peel, chop or dice. just throw everything in! can you even begin to realize how loaded these jars are with vitamins? this may be our answer to the common cold this winter!

now.... how about taking a look at our latest nature find! c'mon over to my twisted education blog and see this pre-historic looking creature! click HERE!

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jamie said...

That is a great idea. It is pretty pricey if you buy it at the store and it looks like it isn't too difficult to make, either. Thanks!