June 29, 2009

W is for 16 whats?

what i'm reading: the other boleyn girl
what i listening to: the weather channel and the military training jet overhead....hoping it's an american.
what i ate for dinner last night: white fish, a salad and broccoli
what movie i want to watch: tea with mussolini
what i'm thinking about: my little children's novel and where the storyline should go....
what i should be doing instead of this: planting a leftover flat of marigolds my mom gave me, before it rains!
what i want to do this summer that i've never done before: tent camp alone in upper michigan..penning my novel, reading good books and craft projects. well, i won't be entirely alone...i'll be the only female in a group of ten. and i won't have to cook a thing.
what i'd like to learn about: soap making and candle making
what color are my toe nails: dirty red
what is my favorite song to play really loud when i'm alone: american pie. and yes, i even dance through the entire song!
what i think of michael jacksons death: inevitable.
what the highlight of my weekend was: an open house for my cousin, who's one of two hundred to be accepted into New York University Film School. He gave me these blue glasses I have on the picture! Think Hollywood Hippy!
what i see when i look behind me: two baby teeth of tommie's that he recently lost. i save them.
what was the last website i visited: of course, magpie ethel!
what i am wearing: second-hand j.jill khaki linen bibs and black second-hand tee, lots of make-up. really cheap flip-flops.
what i'm disappointed in: yesterday's church service. nothing but a children's program, highlighting vacation bible school. no sermon. just a bunch of proud grandparents and their video camera's. when i saw the direction of the service, i left. yep, got right up and excused myself... i went and sat in a sunday morning class called, "modern parables." which was thought-provoking. much better.
time to unplug and plant marigolds.


~Byn There said...

Thanks for the mom prayers. She has really been on an emotional roller coaster. I was thinking maybe nausea, vomiting, fatigue; but I never thought about the irritability and moodiness. Trying to play peace maker between her and my brother right now. Not the time to start pushing people away. Good thing I'm made of steel so the bullets bounce right off me.

Lisa said...

Love the glasses!