June 27, 2009

V is for very easy, very quick, very sweet craft!

this week i enjoyed making these little bath sachets! i recycled a nice piece of muslin fabric that was given to me. my friend robyn stopped by for a little chat in my gardens... i stitched while we caught up on life. we had lemonade and brownies, too. the day was sweltering hot. but listening to her recent experiences made me giggle from my belly. look up free spirit in the dictionary...you'll see her picture.

at a garage sale, i bought a jar of brand new, juniper bath salts. (see first picture) .50 cents. after cutting the muslin into strips and using a very crude in and out stitch for the flower, i used the same in and out stitch for the seam. then i filled the sachet with the salts. they'll work perfect for drawer sachets or to toss in a bubble bath. i have enough muslin and bath salts to make six more! they'll be nice extra gifts to have on hand, or a hostess gift, or even for a friend who is under the weather. we had a family get together today, and i took several with me to work on in the car... very easy! very quick! very sweet! smile, wink, nod!


Holly said...

Super cute as always :)!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your bath sachets look very sweet!