June 24, 2009

S is for silk painting out in the garden!

not my idea. i found it through a link on the crafty crow. you have really no idea how much fun this is! you know by now, i'm into those quick, easy, 1-hour and under thrifty crafts. this is exactly that! if you try nothing else crafty this summer, this is it!

it was suggested that you purchase silk-type, white fabric from joann's or walmart. i didn't. being neurotically frugal, i decided instead to buy a lined skirt from the .25 cent store (or even a garage sale). next, i used pinking shears to cut it apart into several strips.

then... pick out a few acrylic paints. i found pop sickle colors at walmart for .48 cents. (dark colored paint, was not recommended.) water the paint down to the consistency of ink (it doesn't take a lot of water!!) give it a little stir.....start designing anything with various sized paint brushes... viola'...watch the colors run and spread! amazing!

let them air dry...they dry quick! wash in the washing machine on cold... the colors do not bleed. these were all washed together in a small load...and hung again to dry!
that's it.
i'm not exactly sure what i will use them for? maybe i'll attempt to make a funky gift bag or journal cover. the site i copied this idea from made their's into ladies scarves!
what do you think i could use them for?

how about some very nice freebies? click here... it's my twisted education blog! smile, wink, nod.

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Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Such a great idea. I'm glad I found your blog.