June 25, 2009

letter T: Let's talk trash!

Let's talk trash! I admit, I don't recycle like I should. We don't live in a community where there is a permanent recycling center. Where I live... you load your junk in your trunk and take it to a public place once a month. convenient, ugh? Add to the fact, that my husband likes things spic and span...and would honestly, rather toss in the garbage and forget about it...then have his garage or basement packed full of garbage.

for the past couple of months...i've cringed each time i throw a bottle of laundry detergent out. or a stack of newspapers. and, all the glossy junk mail. i sincerely look at it and wonder how long it will live in a landfill. then i cringe again. and wince.

my other trashy dilemma has been...where and what to store them in? i didn't want to invest in rubbermaid boxes. to pricey for trash.

at the fourth garage sale i stopped at this morning... these were waiting for me! they were in great shape, and i could see in my mind... a home in my garage for them. so, i made an ice cold lemonade...dug out my yellow paint and brush and sat under the tree and painted/labeled them. the best part is...they were $1. each. i'm hoping this will make our world a little more green.

while listening to the news about michael jackson and farrah fawcett, an incredible rain storm hit our house... look close and you can see the 1 inch hail. i love summer rain storms.


Anonymous said...

I'm still here reading along. Been crazy. Hugs

Michele said...

That is a fantastic deal you got on those galvanized cans! I paid $30 for ONE to make my compost bin! I now have can envy! :)

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

What a bargain!!! I so would have bought those cans.


~Byn There said...

Yea, good for you! And what a find with the trash cans. I loved your email about couponing, I'm going to print it out and put forth my best effort to get active in my grocery savings. Thanks friend.

MICHELE said...

WARRINGTION: Miss reading YOUR blog.. hurry back!

MICHELE: I was wishing (being greedy) that there were other cans..great for birdseed!)

ROCKY CREEK: I'm glad you found my blog! Looking forward to knowing you better, too.

ROBYN: Glad you liked my email. I have permission to send out a weekly "coupon deal" email... did you order any paint?

Lynn said...

Michele, good job!! Very good deal and a great idea!